E - Wurf "Elikia" Bilder :

"Ich liebe dich,

nicht nur dafür,

wer du bist,

sondern auch dafür,

wer ich werde,

wenn ich bei dir bin"



Behind every well bred dog you got the shadow of a devoted breeder who pours their soul into every dog and every litter. 

A puppy is not just a "puppy", it's years of dedication, planning, traveling, testing, training, competing, sleepless nights, financial- emotional- and physical losses, disapointment, happiness, friendship, knowledge, experience, learning, researching, networking and so much more. 

It's not just a hobby, it's a lifestyle and years of dedication to a breed.


Stefanie Raschat

Hunnenbarg 16

25421 Pinneberg

Mobil: 0172 4013 542